ANC integrity commission asked Jacob Zuma to resign already in May

The Integrity Commission are fed up with Zuma, so bad that they asked the infamous JZ to resign already back in May, however Zuma claimed standing aside would be “a betrayal of the people”.

In a recently published report, a series of meetings between JZ and the Integrity Commission show a serious erosion of trust in the president.

The timeline runs from December 2016 to April 2017, and the six-page report details the comission’s request for JZ to resign. It was addressed to Secretary General Gwede Mantashe and the document was officially signed by chairperson Andrew Mlangeni.

As reported by City Press, there is a very similar pattern emerging with the president’s self-defence; blame someone or anything else at all costs and ignore the very real problems he’s created.

 The Integrity Commissions dossier had this to say:
“The president stated that resigning would be a betrayal of our people and of our revolution. He believes that there exists a conspiracy by Western governments to oust him as president of the ANC and of the country. Their objective is to replace him in order to capture the ANC.”

“The integrity commission does not agree with the president’s explanation. It does not accept the notion that opposition to the president can be attributed solely to a Western conspiracy. This explanation ignores the very real problems in the ANC, as evidenced by the rapid decline in support for the ANC.”


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  1. He wants a golden handshake and immunity from prosecution for bis many crimes against South Africa.

    What else?

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