ANC MP Dr. Makhosi Khoza told she only has 20 days left to live

ANC MP and Chair standing committee on public accounts at KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, Dr. Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza has been told her time left is short.

Dr. Khoza took to Facebook to express her concern over being sent numerous death threats for her courageous activities in standing against Jacob Zuma and asking him to step down.

This time, she has been told she has 21 days left to live, when she responds and asks for reasoning behind her short time left she’s told “Vote against the motion and withdraw your statements and comments about the secret ballot. Do what’s best for you and your family. You only have 20 days left to live,”

She responds “Rubbish go ahead,” and gets a response saying “Don’t use innapropriate language with me Khoza. For I can be double as rude than you. Anyhow I will go ahead or should I decrease the number of days I’m giving you?”

Here’s the text messages:



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