Activists slaughter sheep on Clifton Beach during shutdown

Image Credits: Lauren Isaacs

Black People’s National Crisis Committee activists slaughtered a sheep at Clifton 4th Beach during a cleansing ceremony on Friday.

Members of the lobby group gathered on Clifton 4th Beach on Friday afternoon chanting and holding up posters saying “Reclaiming Our Beaches”.

The shutdown follows after private security company PPA recently began clearing the beach after sunset.

The ANC raised concerns in the Western Cape after the company tried to remove one of its members.

Activists carried a live sheep from the parking lot onto the beach as onlookers gathered around them.

They pulled the distressed animal to the ocean and made it drink sea water while chanting.

Activists said by offering the sheep, they’re calling on their ancestors to respond to their trauma experienced under oppression.

Masixole Mlandu says it’s time black people defend their right to spaces such as these:

“(But) also we’re here to remind the country of the inequalities that exist in South Africa, daily, as we’re going into the 2019 national elections.”

Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi has called for the private security company involved to be investigated.

[Source: EWN]

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