Afrihost reduces Mobile Data prices!

Afrihost reduces Mobile Data prices!

Afrihost reduces Mobile Data prices! WOHOO!

Our clients are in for a treat as we hit the cost of high mobile data for a six! Afrihost Mobile Data clients will now enjoy more value with more bytes for their bucks.

We will be giving existing clients up to 100% more data than they currently receive for their spend. For example, a client with a 250MB package for R29 per month will now receive an incredible 500MB per month for the same amount, halving their per GB cost (or doubling their data). Clients on higher packages will also receive more data. For example, clients receiving 2GB per month will now receive 3GB per month. We will also be introducing a new 5GB product at just R247 per month.

Can’t get an ADSL line at your premises or just need Mobile Data while you are on the go? Afrihost Mobile Data is the answer!
In addition, clients will still be able to claim double the data in the table below with Afrihost Plus+ membership (which also includes 2 for 1 Topups for DSL or Mobile Data, Simfy All Access, 500MB Free Mobile Data and much more).

Note: Current packages of 10GB and higher remain unchanged.
For more information on Mobile Data offers, visit Afrihost’s Mobile Data page.

Old Package Price New Package
250MB R29pm 500MB
500MB R58pm 1GB
1GB R99pm 2GB
2GB R145pm 3GB
3GB R197pm 4GB
R247pm 5GB
5GB R297pm 6GB
7GB R397pm 8GB
10GB R497pm 10GB
15GB R747pm 15GB
20GB R987pm 20GB

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