Ajay Gupta fled India on the same day Jacob Zuma resigned – report

Ajay Gupta at a one on one interview with Business Day. Image Credits: Martin Rhodes

On the same day former president that Jacob Zuma resigned, Ajay Gupta reportedly fled his hometown in India to an unknown destination. The general suspicion being Dubai.

Zuma stepped down from office on 14 February following immense pressure from the African National Congress to make way for now President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Indian reporter Venkat Narayan says Gupta was in the country when Zuma was forced to resign.

“Ajay was supposed to stay in Dehradun till 18 February but as soon as he heard that Mr Zuma resigned then he took a helicopter from his own helipad in Dehradun to fly to the local airport, then took a flight and nobody knows where he went.”

Narayan says the Indian government has washed its hands of the Guptas because it doesn’t consider them citizens of that country.

“So the spokesman of the government of India said that ‘they are not Indian citizens, they are South African citizens and it is up to the government of South Africa to take it up with the authorities in Dubai and they have not approached us so fair’.”



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