AKA says Cassper is ‘blessed’, says he’s over the beef between them

Despite AKA and Cassper Nyovest attempting to distanced themselves from their beef, Twitter thinks the beef is still very much there. But AKA is tired of it.

Taking to Twitter, AKA explained that he is over the beef between him and Cassper.

AKA’s tweet came after a fan asked for his opinion on comments made by Cassper during a recent interview about their beef.

The rapper considered himself blessed and Nyovest blessed too. In the same breath, he encouraged people to “grow the fu*k up” and get over it.

The video that the fan was referring to was from an interview Cassper did last month. In the interview, Nyovest explained why he thinks him and AKA would never be friends.

“It will never ever work, you know what I’m saying. There can never be two kings. I don’t think he’ll ever want to get along with me if he’s not number one. I just think its cool that we both just exist in the same space and each doing their own thing. I just want to concentrate on the numbers,” Cassper said.


AKA then went on to remind his fans that he ain’t got beef with nobody, full stop.

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