ANC calls on SA government to intervene in petrol price hikes

In a press release issued on 4 July, the African National Congress made a call to the higher powers in the South African government to assist in alleviating the recent excessive petrol price hikes.

In the statement, issued by ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe, the party highlights widespread consumer outrage specifically at the recent excessive petrol price hikes.

“The ANC led government must mitigate the short and long-term effects the fuel price hikes have on South Africans and our economy.”

The ANC has called on government to increase petrol reserves, freeze or decrease the fuel levy and stabilise governance and finances at the Road Accident Fund, PetroSA and Central Energy Fund.

The ANC points majority blame for the massive price hikes on the weakening rand and rising global prices of crude oil by American trade wars.

“We however call on the United States to consider the unintended consequences of its trade wars and the ripple effects its imposition of sanctions on some oil producing countries have on emerging economies.”

The ruling party expressed deep concern at the rate which South African’s are facing increases and calling for decisive action, as soon as possible.

“The rate at which these cost increases are happening is unbearable and we can neither turn a blind eye nor wish them away. We need to take strong action to arrest this situation.”

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