ANC launch new bid to oust Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba. Image Credits: Moeletsi Mabe/The Times

The ANC in Johannesburg have once again launched a bid to have Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba ousted by tabling another motion of no confidence.

On Friday, Mashaba revealed that the Democratic Alliance was prepared to defend itself against the motions.

This application follows after the ANC’s original application was was duly struck off the roll by the South Gauteng High court after they took the motion to court after it was rejected by the programming committee for not meeting the rules of council.

 “Since the ANC first tabled its motions‚ we have welcomed the opportunity to defend our record in cleaning up the corrupt mess that we inherited from the ANC‚” Mashaba said in a statement on Friday.

“Despite being granted an opportunity to amend the motions‚ so as to bring them in line with the standing rules of council‚ the ANC elected to take the matter to court on an urgent basis. The court found there was no basis for the ANC’s application.”

Mashaba labeled the ANC’s second attempt as a means to pursue self-interest, rather than having the interests of the people at heart.

“The court‚ correctly‚ struck the ANC’s application from the roll and awarded punitive costs in favour of the City,” he said.

“As I have stated before‚ the ANC’s motions have nothing to do with protecting good governance and ensuring service delivery to residents. Rather‚ these are the actions of a party only interested in self-gratification and continuing the corruption which allowed them to rob the residents of this City blind.”

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