ANC will not punish those who support Zuma during corruption case

The ANC says it won’t dictate to its members by telling them whether or not to openly support former president Jacob Zuma during his court appearances.

The ANC says while the party hasn’t taken a stance on the issue, it won’t stop its members from openly supporting Zuma.

The ANC’s Pule Mabe says the former president is innocent until proven guilty.

“Former president Jacob Zuma like any other South African citizen is protected by the laws of the republic. He continues to participate in the gatherings of our own national executive committee as an ex officio member consistent with the decision that we have previously pronounced on.”

Mabe says the ANC has set no rules when it comes to supporting Zuma.

“So the ANC has conveyed and communicated its own preference that how members conduct or carry themselves during a moment like this one, they should do so out of their own preference and individual choice.”

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