Audi Introduces a Limited Edition RS6 Avant Performance in “Nogaro Blue”

Image Credits: Audi

In honor of its limited edition RS2 Avant, Audi is launching a special edition Nogaro iteration of its RS6 Avant. Like 2014’s RS4 Nogaro edition, this revised station wagon features the special blue hue and quality detailing.

With each automobile accompanied by a plaque, only 150 Nogaro RS6 Avant models will be produced. Those who manage to get their hands on one will enjoy the Performance version of the car, which offers 553 lb-ft of torque and 605 horsepower. However, customers can opt for a power upgrade from Abt Sportsline, Audi’s racing partner, to boost hoursepower up to 705 and torque to 649 lb-ft. With a choice of black or blue interior, the car offers carbon-ceramic brakes, dynamic steering and a sports differential, ensuring a smooth ride.

Take a good look at the photos below — the release is Europe-only, meaning that none of the limited Nogaro RS6 Avant cars will hit American shores for now.

[Source: Hypebeast]

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