Cheaper mobile data prices could be reality as early as August 2018

Telecommunications minister Siyabonga Cwele says that South Africans will pay less for mobile data “very soon” and that changes around costs may be a reality as early as August next year.

Cwele said his department has mandated the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) to conduct a thorough investigation on the cost of data in the country and make recommendations as soon as the report has been compiled.

“Icasa is busy conducting this study and they have promised to prioritise it because the demand from our citizens is so high that we must do this. We have also spoken to the minister of economic development as well as the Competition Commission regarding this inquiry into data costs and by August next year we will have reached a conclusion on the matter,” Cwele said.

“There is massive change and a revolution that is unfolding in front of us. It is our responsibility to plan ahead. We must be able say, what we want this region to be in 10 years’ time. If it means changing the laws to meet our ICT goals, then we must do it.”

Minister of communications Ayanda Dlodlo said high telecommunications prices had a negative effect on economic activity within the SADC region.

She made mention of the fact that only 16.3% percent of the 300 million SADC’s population is accessing the internet compared to a penetration of 47% globally.

“We live in a society where too many of our citizens are still denied access to information and benefits. Despite the good progress we have made as a region, there are still challenges in rural and township areas,” Dlodlo said.

“An accessible, affordable and reliable telecommunications is essential for us to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will also assist in our endeavours of transforming the SADC region into an information and knowledge-based economy.”

[Source: BusinessTech]

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