City of CT to lay charges against activists who slaughtered sheep on Clifton Beach

Image Credits: Lauren Isaacs

The City of Cape Town has announced it will lay charges of animal cruelty against members of a group who gathered on Clifton 4th Beach on Friday.

The group gathered on the beach and slaughtered the animal in attempt to drive out the spirit of racism in the area.

City of Cape Town’s JP Smith says the group didn’t have the permit required to slaughter the sheep and law enforcement officials had been given strict instructions to stop protesters from bringing it to the beach.

“The sheep had been carried across the rocks from an adjacent beach and they had not spotted it earlier enough.”

They thought the animal was dead and when they discovered it was still alive they tried to intervene, only to be stopped by a senior SAPS member.

“They are claiming that it provoked violence from the crowd and that the slaughtering of the sheep was within the constitutional rights of the person involved in the protest.”

Smith says senior City officials believe the SAPS member overreached his authority and they’ll be laying charges against him, as well as the protesters who slaughtered the sheep.

[Source: EWN]

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