DA lists six ways it would carry out land expropriation

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane set out his party’s plans for how land expropriation should be carried out in South Africa.

He says that the DA’s six-point plan would “give far more black South Africans” the chance to own both agricultural and urban land.

“Our opponents’ approach is one which has yielded only poverty and misery for the poor wherever it has been tried anywhere in the world. It is a guarantee of chaos and economic disaster.”

“It deliberately seeks to stoke racial tension, and by definition relies on force. It is the sound-bite, simplistic solution of the violent demagogue, and should be rejected by all South Africans of every background.”

“Expropriation without compensation is state sanctioned theft, which is inimical to economic growth and development.”

Maimane went on to list the steps his party would take if they were to win the 2019 elections. He sounded the DA-run Western Cape as a shining example to the rest of the country, claiming a 62% provincial success rate for land expropriation projects.

How the DA would approach land expropriation

  • New recipients of state-subsidised housing will receive full title, and past recipients of RDP homes will given full title;
  • They say they would make it cheaper first-time time buyers to purchase homes through lowering of transfer costs;
  • The DA state they would distribute the thousands of government-owned farms and fallow land, instead of treating emerging farmers as permanent tenants;
  • Maimane claims his party will give residents of tribal land security of tenure that is recorded and legally enforceable;
  • They also plan to allocate adequate budgets to settle all remaining land restitution claims, and for land reform purposes, on the basis of the Constitutional guidelines for compensation; and
  • Anyone who wants to farm is being promised the support they need to be successful, through the transference of skills and by providing access to the resources and markets they need to sell their goods.

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