DA threatens ANC with legal action over slogan theft

The DA has threatened to take legal action against the ANC after the ruling party allegedly stole its election slogan, but the ANC says it is unbothered.

Accordingto the DA’s  spokesperson, Solly Malatsi, the slogan “One South Africa for All”, was launched in April 2018 and the ANC has used it for its birthday celebrations.

Malatsi says the DA chose the slogan ‘One South Africa for All’ because theyare the only party that is still committed to achieving nonracial ideals in South Africa.

Responding to the allegations, the ANC’s acting spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, denied the accusation, saying the DA  was desperate and merely seeking attention.

“The DA is just desperate. It is sinking deeper in the ocean and we are unfazed,” said Kodwa.

“How can we steal that slogan when the DA suffers from colour blindism? (sic) If anyone is guilty, it’s the DA that has been stealing our songs and heritage …” said Kodwa.

The DA also accused the ANC of being the antithesis of the values in the slogan.

“We have committed ourselves to effective redress, growing the economy in order to create jobs, creating safe communities and ensuring stringent property rights. The ANC is the antithesis of these very values,” Mabe said.

Kodwa said the DA must prepare to lose dismally in the 2019 general elections.

[Source: TimesLIVE]

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