DA’s motion to dissolve Parliament to be debated next week

The DA tabled a motion to dissolve Parliament and host an early general election to determine who will serve in the National Assembly next.

The opposition are pursuing the move after Jacob Zuma survived a vote of no confidence earlier in August by just 11 votes. Mmusi Maimane says with those numbers, it is convincing enough that the ANC can no longer govern the country.

The National Assembly will hold the debate over whether to dissolve parliament on Tuesday 5th September.

Maimane believes a dissolution of Parly is the fairest and most democratic way to force the ANC from power under Zuma’s disastrous leadership. However, the DA aren’t getting much support from other opposition.

DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen explained why his party feel it’s imperative to remove Zuma immediately:

“The reality is that South Africa cannot afford another two years of ANC governance. over half of South Africans livE in abject poverty. 9.3 million of our people ARE without work. our economy showing no signs of being able to recover from the recession, we need a new beginning.”

Under Section 50 of the Constitution, Parliament can be dissolved if the majority of the assembly vote in favour of the motion. Although 201 is the official number of votes needed to dethrone Zuma, that’s subject to change.

Some MPs are likely to abstain. Others may cite ‘ill-health’ and miss the vote, so the DA may need 220-230 votes in their favour.

Given doubts from other opposition parties, it seems this won’t be nearly as tight as the no confidence vote.

[Source: News 24]

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