Government reject public sector salary increase, raise MP’s salaries instead

Parliament of South Africa. Image Credits: Ashraf Hendricks

Well, it seems Government have their priorities in order.. Just 2 weeks ago MP’s were given a 4% pay hike as a reward for their oversight in a series of economic crises this year. Unfortunately, the public sector did not get that lucky.

Willie Vukela is the acting director-general of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA). He calculated that, to meet increased wage demands of level 4-12 employees, the government would need to provide R282 billion.

Vukela was on hand to plead poverty, and indicated that there wasn’t enough money in the coffers to meet the increased of 10 – 12%, for a single year agreement.

“If, hypothetically, tomorrow, the team under Mr Phophi the chief negotiator says to government – adopt, agree with everything here – we need R282 billion the following week. We base this figure based on public sector unions’ demands.”

Mpfariseni Phophi, the government’s chief negotiator, was also present at the talks. It seems as if the the unions’ requests were shot down without hesitation.

The unions are also fighting for an increase in housing allowances. They are looking for more than double the current allowance, raising it from R1,200 up to R2,500 and seeing that figure matched for any spouses who also work in the sector.

[Source: EWN]


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