Gupta owned ANN7 ordered to pay R10 000 for inaccurate reporting

Caught right in the act is ANN7 who continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On Monday, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) announced that they have fined ANN7 R10 000 for inaccurate reporting.

The fine comes over the channel twice misquoting Helen Zille’s tweet on colonialism. BCCSA commissioner Dr Linda Venter says that due to the “re-occurrence of the same negligent error” the channel must pay the fine within 15 days.

ANN7 quoted the tweet as “colonialism was not at all bad”. Zille had actually tweeted that colonialism was not all bad.

“Newspapers are forced to print corrections and apologise for their mistakes, but ANN7 seems able to get away with saying or printing anything it likes”.

ANN7 has apologised for the misquoting, they have also blamed one of their video editors for incorrectly adding the word “at” while refreshing the screen. The channel says it was quoting the tweet correctly before that mistake occurred.

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