#GuptaLeaks: Hawks confirm they’ve begun investigating leaked Gupta emails

The Hawks have confirmed that they have begun investigating the leaked Gupta emails.

During an interview with eNCA, head of Hawks, Yolisa Matakata said the information contained in the leaked emails leaves the unit with no choice but to investigate.

“With us getting that kind of information, we have to work with it. And therefore it’s through this work that we are doing, where you need to go to the various alleged departments involved or SOEs or whoever else is involved to start verifying by getting original information,” said Matakata.

“We’ve never seen the actual emails that reference is made of in the emails but we have information that speaks to some of these emails,” she said.

Matakata went on to say the probing isn’t easy, especially with the public expecting them to fail.

“It’s not easy to operate within this perception that we are captured…Hence we are really making an effort to show that, at the end, people might be taken to court,” she said.

“If we go to court just by mere allegations that come to us, again we’ll be embarrassed, because the cases will be thrown out of court.”

[Source: BusinessTech]

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