Hlaudi Motsoneng launches his own party, African Content Movement party

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Former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoneng has officially launched his own political party‚ the African Content Movement.

Hlaudi’s parties policies will include reducing social grants and forcing foreign companies to leave the South Africa within a set timeframe.

During the launch, which took place at the Garden Court Milpark Hotel in Johannesburg and attended by around 150 people, Motsoeneng said he would run against  Cyril Ramaphosa for the presidency come the 2019 national elections, adding that he had no doubt his party “will rule South Africa”.

“It is a historical day for all South Africans. For the first time in the history of South Africa‚ Hlaudi is walking to parliament and the Union Buildings as president of the Republic of South Africa.

“I’m contesting President Cyril Ramaphosa because he is the one who is in charge. I want to be the president‚ that is the bottom line‚” Motsoeneng said.

“All these political parties‚ they are not assisting South Africa. When I was at the SABC they removed me because they realised I was changing the lives of ordinary citizens of South Africa. . . We are going to eat change‚ we are going to touch change‚ and we are going to feel change when I’m the president.”

He said under that under his party‚ laws will be introduced which dictate to foreign investors “who build factories” in South Africa that they should make their workers shareholders in their companies.

After 30 years‚ those investors would be made to leave the country and those factories left to its workers.

“The new animal‚ ACM‚ is African first. Anything that we produce in South Africa will be 90% South African because it is very important to empower people of South Africa. We need to start here at home. . . The only person who is tested on delivery is Hlaudi‚” he said.

“I did implement what I was supposed to implement. Today people are saying Hlaudi is corrupt because they realise this Hlaudi is very dangerous. If I’m corrupt‚ I should be caught by the Hawks now as I’m speaking. We don’t have a problem with white people. If we complain about apartheid‚ in democracy we can’t practice the same thing

“My party‚ we stand for all South Africans‚ black and white. In my party‚ there are white people‚ you can see them there and there are many.”

“We don’t have a problem with white people. If we complain about apartheid‚ in democracy we can’t practice the same thing.

“The land issue is a very interesting topic in South Africa. My view on the land issue is we must give our own people land but we must engage white people and find a solution‚ not by force‚” he said.

“In my history‚ I have never appointed ANC people and when they send individuals they recommend‚ I refused to appoint them. . .

“I have seen people especially those who have many certificates when you enter into their office the first thing they will show you is their wall. And then you ask ‘what your value is in South Africa is?’ Dololo.”

Motsoeneng also said he would do away with government grants because “we are building a very lazy nation”.

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