Human Rights Commission to probe Jacob Zuma’s son Edward Zuma over hate speech

The South African Human Rights Commission has announced that it will be taking Edward Zuma to task over his open letter to former ministers Pravin Gordhan and Derek Hanekom.

In the open letter Edward Zuma labelled Gordhan “extension of whites and white monopoly capital stooge.” The commission say they will now officially investigate Zuma’s son.

“The Commission has become aware of an open letter purported to have been authored by Mr Edward Zuma. The Commission finds the contents of this letter‚ in particular statements that promote hatred on the basis of race offensive and disturbing and a clear violation of the right to freedom of expression as articulated in section 16 of the Constitution.

The Commission will be seeking appropriate redress as empowered by the Constitution as well as the SAHRC Act. The Commission is concerned by such statements being made within the broader context of hate speech‚ particularly on the basis of race‚ by individuals with a public platform‚” the commission said in a statement.”

This is the extract from his letter:

“By being the extension of whites and white monopoly capital stooge‚ Gordhan shows us of his inferiority complex to whites but superior complex to natives‚ that whites according to him and his inner world – deserve to be accorded a perpetual status as masters‚ and an African native is unimaginative to be of higher status than any race in this country”.

“This privileged boy from Sastri College shows us that he would defend whites and their appointed crumb eaters‚ the White Monopoly Capital Indunas‚ the black parasitical political stooges at all costs‚”

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