If you look at us and look at America: any fool can be president – Julius Malema

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Julius Malema sat down for an interview with BBC this weekend and spoke on a wide range of topics including the ANC’s upcoming elective conference, the future of the ruling party, EFF policy, and what it takes to be President of a country.

According to Julius Malema, all it takes to be president is for a commander-in-chief is to ‘turn up and cut ribbons’. He even stated that ‘any fool’ could become President.

Malema hits out at Zuma and Trump

“Presidents are just individuals who go around, cutting ribbons. Any fool can be president. We have a stupid president now, and there’s a more stupid president in America too.  It’s more about the team your work with. For example, I have a spokesman with a PhD – That’s education I don’t have.”

Malema also shared his thoughts on the ANC’s upcoming December Electives. Julius says he believes the conference will collapse, and the decision to replace Jacob Zuma as president will be delayed.

He suggests that a ‘disputed’ Elective Conference will see a breakaway of high-ranking ANC officials, if they fail to get their choice of leader elected.

“The Elective Conference will be the burial of the ANC. For the first time, we have all structures of the party fighting against each other. It’s likely to collapse, and be disputed. there’s no debate on real issues, how will we solve economic and unemployment crises?”

“The ANC have reached a cul-de-sac, either way there’ll be a breakaway of permanent people with a serious following. The problem with ANC is where it loses power, it loses it’s ‘creme-de-la-creme’, and drunkards take over.”

Watch Julius Malema’s sit down with the BBC here

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