iFani’s #1stDayGold dream

Our favorite rapper iFani Haymani set himself an ambitious goal of going gold (20 000 copies) in one day, with his upcoming album I Believes in Me (Second Quadrant).

iFani told City Press “What I am aiming for is to go into the day of release with a comfortable number of presales, like 19 000 physical and digital copies to be ordered by April 28, so that when the album drops on the 29th, we only have a little more to go.”

Ifani also said he had signed a two-album deal with Sony Music, which meant I Believes in Me [2nd Quadrant] would be his final album released by the record label.

“It is the first time in my career that I am seeing Sony working this hard for me. I blame it on the #1stDayGold dream. They could see the drive that I had and they have been backing me,” he said.

iFani requested his fans to go out and help make his dream come true by buying his newest album at your nearest Musica or on iTunes.

The album had, by last week already amassed over 5,000 pre orders, with celebs, including Roxy Burger, Pearl Thusi and Pearl Modiadie pre-ordering copies of the album.

The REAL question is, will YOU?

Shout out to our b’reiy, iFani. We believe in you bro!

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