‘It would be good if the ANC lose the next election’ – Kgalema Motlanthe

Former South African president Kgalema Motlanthe has never been one to keep quiet about the state capture and corruption in South Africa.

Speaking to BBC News’ Hardtalk, Motlanthe was asked about the current presidency, the race to replace Zuma, and 2019’s general election.

Mr Motlanthe told the BBC that the electorate will ‘vote out the ANC’ for as long as it is “associated with corruption and failure”. He said he had faith in South Africans to do ‘the right thing’, and welcomed a potential defeat in 2019 for the ruling party:

“It would be good for the ANC itself and let me tell you why… because those elements who are in it for the largesse will quit it. They will desert it and only then would the possibility arise for salvaging whatever is left of it.”

He insisted that the ANC would only drop for JZ’s regime if they were to be booted out of power.

With the type of allegations that South African government are facing – of which a large number have been proven – would have been enough to see any other leader in a democratic state fired a long time ago.

There is a high possibility that KM is right, maybe it will only wake the ANC if they were to hit rock bottom.


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