Jacob Zuma joins social media, says he joined because ‘many people are talking about him’

Former President Jacob Zuma in Parliament. Image Credits: Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

Former president Jacob Zuma says he has decided to “move with times” and join social media.

In his first tweet being a video recording of himself, Zuma says:

“Hello, everyone. I have decided to move with times to join this important area of conversation because I hear that many people are talking about me.

“I felt it is necessary that I should join in and be part of the conversation. It’s me, the former president, Jacob Zuma,”

Zuma’s second tweet is about a bank account number, said to be used to raise funds for his legal fees, which Zuma claims is hoax.

The former president’s handle, @PresJGZuma, is the same for his brand-new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fan accounts.

Watch Zuma’s video below:

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