Jacob Zuma retains his R2.98 million per annum salary

Screen grab of Jacob Zuma in court on 06 April 2018.

On Wednesday, the National Assembly agreed to former President Jacob Zuma’s full pension and medical aid package, despite fierce disagreement from opposition parties.

The decision went 197 votes in favour and 95 against, with no abstentions.

The approval of the recommendations of the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers means Zuma will continue to earn 100% of his salary of R2.98 million a year.

DA Chief Whip  John Steenhuisen says the people of South Africa had paid enough.

“This is a constitutional delinquent who compromised not only this Parliament but compromised the office of the Presidency and the Constitution of the Republic. Haven’t we paid enough? We built a retirement village for Mr Zuma at Nkandla.”

The EFF’s Sam Matiase said under Zuma’s tenure, the country sank to levels “never thought possible.”

“Stealing became the norm and corruption was institutionalised. As the Zondo Commission is beginning to show, there isn’t any sphere of society Zuma’s corrosive influence didn’t touch.”

[Source: EWN]

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