Licenses for medical marijuana will be available by the end of the year – parliament

According to a report by The Citizen, potential growers of cannabis for medicinal purposes will be able to apply for licences before the end of the year.

The Medicines Control Council’s Griffiths Molewa was speaking to parliament’s portfolio committee on health on Wednesday and said that the council would approve regulations in the next few weeks.

These regulations will include who will be allowed to sell the drug, who it may be sold to, and how it must be grown and controlled.

How it will work

Health director-general Precious Matsoso said that a number of strict requirements would be in place to guard against abuses.

These requirements will include good agricultural practices, the vetting of staff, as well as a number of security measures.

“In terms of the growing process, the Agricultural Research Council has been applying, but now it’s a process that requires partnership between, among others, the department of agriculture, the department of science and technology and the department of trade and industry,” said Matsoso  .

“I’m hoping that for this purpose there will be an inter-ministerial committee. It’s something that’s so significant it requires that kind of response.”

Those eligible for licenses include people suffering from severe and chronic pain related to multiple sclerosis, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Those suffering from severe seizures related to epilepsy would also be considered.

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