Magashule: Zuma will only be appreciated once he is gone

South African President Jacob Zuma. Image Credits: Reuters/Mark Schiefelbein

Chairman of the Free State ANC, Ace Magashule said members of the governing party would only appreciate President Jacob Zuma once he was gone.

Ace Magashule said Zuma had been an exemplary leader of the ANC, adding that there had been few examples of people who had carried themselves better while at the helm of the organisation. Although Zuma has been an administration plagued by troubles, Magashule explained that Zuma had never behaved rashly under the circumstances.

“A leader of the ANC does not behave like a member of the ANC,” Magashule told delegates in the Free State this week.

“A member is something else and a leader does something different from what a member does. A leader of the ANC, and you must look at President Jacob Zuma…people will remember Comrade Zuma when he is no more there.

“If you look at the tradition and culture of the ANC and you look at its leadership, whether it is Walter Sisulu, whether it is Oliver Tambo, whether it is Jacob Zuma….PATIENCE,” added Magashule.

Magashule explained that one of the dying arts in the ANC had been that of persuasion. He said members were no longer prepared to talk to each other, adding that people were now to eager to air the dirty laundry of the organisation in public and betray the party’s democratically elected leadership.

He said this was despite Zuma’s efforts at reconciliation from within.

“We are all in a hurry and we want to fire a Comrade tomorrow… no, it doesn’t work that way. The politics of the ANC has always been about persuasion.

“We engage and we discuss and when we differ and we have different views, we continue engaging. And if you belong to an organisation, even if you are part of the alliance, we discuss issues and we debate until we have convinced one another that this is the correct position,” said Magashule.


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