Makhosi Khoza has been removed from ANC Public Service committee

ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu says the party have received a directive to kick her off the parliamentary committee, following her vocal opposition of Jacob Zuma.

She will still remain as an MP, but that’s still depending on the upcoming disciplinary she faces for bringing the party into disrepute.

The move comes after the wielding of Jacob Zuma’s axe since last week’s vote of no confidence, where 30-40 ANC members voted against him in the secret ballot.

Just this week, she addressed the media in Joburg to declare she’ll never stop fighting against ANC corruption. Yesterday, she wrote an article for the Huffington Post detailing why she is ‘at war’ with her own party.

In a press release, Mthembu officially blames “the irretrievable breakdown of relations between herself and ANC members of the committee” for her removal:

“The irretrievable breakdown of relations arises from her public utterances preceding the motion of no confidence vote in Jacob Zuma and her continued public attacks of ANC leadership. These attacks have alienated her from ANC MPs within her committee.”

“The erosion of trust in her as a chairperson of that committee has lead to acrimonious verbal exchanges between her and the rest of the group. The decision to relieve her as the chair comes after numerous failed attempts to council her on her behaviour.”


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