Makhosi Khoza says she won’t join the EFF because she’s “not a communist”

Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has been hinting her next career move on social media, following her shock resignation from the party just a few weeks ago.

Khoza took to Facebook to ask her followers and friends what they’d like to see her do next, hinting the option of starting a political party.

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor told Khoza ‘move with caution’ whenever she makes her decision.

The Sowetan reported that Khoza had received an overwhelming amount of calls to join the EFF. However, she flatly refused to join forces with Julius Malema, citing the difference of opinions:

“There were a lot of yes’s‚ a lot of no’s and many calls for me to join the EFF. Really? Be serious‚ can you imagine me joining the EFF? I am not a communist‚ I don’t support nationalisation and I don’t share their perspective on land issues. The last thing I want to do is compromise social unity.”

[Source: Sowetan Live]


  1. I think that it is too close to 2019 to be starting a new political party. It would mean further weakening of other opposition parties. I think she should join a party which is closest to her ideals (for now) and strengthen the opposition to ANC. The 2019 election is too important to risk weakening the opposition. If she is sure she could draw voters away from the ANC that would be a different matter. I wish her every success whatever she decides to do. I think she is great.

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