Music duo Black Motion removed from flight by Police over “racist” incident

Local music group Black Motion have made headlines on Tuesday afternoon, and unfortunately, for all the bad reasons.

The duo’s representatives say they are seeking legal advice after the pair were allegedly ‘escorted off flight by police’ after an alleged racist incident.

Speaking to TimesLIVE, the duo’s representatives told the story of what took place before the flight took off. The pair were booked into and seated in business class when an air hostess asked them to move to economy. A white women’s seat was reportedly broken and she needed to move.

Thabo Mabogwane and Bongani Mohosana (Black Motion) then questioned why they were singled out as the passengers that needed to move. The pair says they were told that their ticket was “worth less”.

“The fact is that there were only two black people in economy and they were asked to move. When they asked why they were being chosen, they (the air hostess) told them their ticket was cheaper. We asked them why they were not accommodating us and they said they were doing so by putting us in economy,” said Black Motion’s road manager, Nicky Seema, who was also on the flight.

Seema says he went to join the group to investigate as “things got heated”. It is said that the air hostess then went to inform the captain who called for them to be removed. The band says they were told they were being “aggressive” and they were removed to “avoid a 911”.

Police were then called and allegedly escorted them off the flight.The situation then changed once the crew realised who Black Motion were.

“They said that it was not about race but the truth is this only happened because they did not know they were Black Motion and they saw two boys and thought they could undermine them.”

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo told TimesLIVE that they had no record of police removing anyone from a flight on Monday. However, British Airways did say that they will not tolerate any forms of bigotry.

“We have been made aware of this incident. Comair and British Airways will not tolerate racism. We regard these allegations as very serious and they thus warrant thorough investigation. We will establish what happened and take whatever action is required,” said Comair’s Shaun Pozyn.

[Source: TimesLIVE]

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