“No chairs will fly at elective conference” – Baleka Mbete

ANC chairperson Baleka Mbete has vowed that no chairs will fly at the party’s 54th National Conference taking place this month.

Speaking at the ANC KwaZulu-Natal PGC on Monday, Mbete said the prophets of doom would all be proven wrong come the elective conference, adding that it would not degenerate, as many have predicted.

Those predictions are based on what has already transpired on at provincial levels, where violence and disruptive behaviour have become a normality within the ANC branches in 2017. However, Mbete has vowed that she and the national executive of the ANC have their eyes set on peaceful national proceedings.

With the KwaZulu-Natal ANC branch as the kingmakers, there is every indication that the decisions it makes has every chance of turning the elective conference on its head.

Unity has been a common theme in the build-up to this year’s elective conference and Mbete emphasized that point again on Monday, adding that the ANC would emerge from the elective conference stronger than it had ever been.

“There are many predictions that this conference will disintegrate and chairs will fly. We say, they can’t talk about us when they don’t know us. We’ll emerge from the conference in tact,” said a confident Mbete on Monday.

Mbete reminded delegates that while this conference would see a change in leadership, within the governing party, the primary objective will be to determine the policy direction of the organisation ahead of the coming term.

She said people should not lose sight of that.

“Our preoccupation will be to discuss issues of how to assist the poorest of the poor in our society.We’re not going there to fight,” added Mbete.

“When we go to conference, in the main , it is to respond to the needs of our people. The branches will be telling us what they want. Why? Because the branches are within our communities.”


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