Police are ‘after’ Jacques Pauw and News24 investigative journalist

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On Wednesday News24 reported that police are looking into investigative journalists Jacques Pauw and Pieter-Louis. Both of which have exposed alleged corrupt relationships involving President Jacob Zuma.

Police have denied that a case has been opened, but News24 believe this might mean the matter might have been registered ‘in another manner’.

According to the journalist’s legal representatives, they have been asked to make statements at the Durban North police station. The statements, according to News24, relate to matters they have written about.

Pauw sad that he was made aware of potential charges – including fraud and crimen injuria – two weeks ago. A warrant for his arrest was also sought but was unsuccessful.

The pair’s representation claims that the investigating officer was not willing to disclose much detail about what exactly was being investigated.

News24 also reported that the legal team said neither would be willing to make statements at this point as they prefer “the investigation to be completed first”.

News24 editor Adriaan Basson said the police investigation amounted to attempted intimidation.

“It is outrageous that the cops are going after journalists when corrupt politicians and captured business people roam free,” he said.

“We will oppose any attempts to bring criminal charges against Myburgh. This is a clear attempt to try and intimidate us from doing our jobs. We won’t be deterred.”

Pauw is the author of the book titled The President’s Keepers while Myburgh is a News24 investigative journalist and author of the book The Republic of Gupta.

Read the full story on News24.

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