Presidency to continue paying Zuma’s legal fees

Jacob Zuma. Image Credits: Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters

The office of the Presidency has confirmed that the state will continue paying for former president Jacob Zuma’s legal fees despite there being a court case to stop the agreement.

Zuma is on trial for charges of fraud and corruption and wants the state to continue paying his legal fees as per their agreement.

Opposition parties are not happy with the agreement and have asked the courts to put an end to it.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has filed a notice to abide with whatever the court decides, and has in the interim agreed to continue paying Zuma’s legal bills.

Every appearance in court for Zuma costs the taxpayers money and will continue to be the case when Zuma reappears in court next month.

Ramaphosa’s office says they are bound by an agreement Zuma made with the state and they will continue funding his criminal defence costs until a court orders them to stop.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko explains:

“We will continue paying for his legal fees up until a point where the matter is concluded or a court decides otherwise.”

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