Proverb and Liesl Laurie have split after 3 year long relationship

According to reports, Liesl Laurie and Proverb have split after a public 3 year long romance.

According to an insider who spoke to SundaySun, Proverb put his kids first and that made Liesl feel like an outcast.

Liesl dumped Proverb. There are certain things they didn’t see eye-to-eye on, so that’s part of the reason they didn’t make it. Proverb was always prioritising his kids and Liesel didn’t have a problem with that until it came between their relationship. She felt like an outcast in her own relationship, an insider told the paper.

Proverb has since deleted all of the pictures of Liesl and him from his Instagram. When contacted for comment, Liesl told the paper ‘Yes it’s true, but please don’t write about this.’

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