Revealed: AKA’s ambassadorship deal with Cruz Vodka is worth R8m

There’s no doubt that AKA is a classified baller, and a recent report has just echoed that.

In October 2016, AKA and Cruz Vodka announced their partnership, and while they did not reveal the deal’s monetary value, there was no doubt that the Supamega settled for anything short of his worth.

A recently published report by SundayWorld reveals that by the end of the deal, AKA will walk away with a staggering R8,000,000.

Speaking to the paper, AKA’s manager Prince Costinyo confirmed the deal’s value.

“Yes, AKA is the brand ambassador and is still on the campaign. The contract is worth R8-million,” said the rapper’s manager Prince Costinyo.

There’s no stopping the Supamega, just 3 months ago he racked up a 7-figure ambassadorship deal – first of its kind in Africa between the sport brand and an artist with Reebok Classics.



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