Robert Mugabe’s sons cause R780 000 in damages to Sandton penthouse

Sons of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Robert Junior and Bellarmine Chatunga have been slapped with a R780 000 bill in damages caused to their Sandton penthouse.

This comes after the brothers were evicted after a violent brawl in July. This comes as another big problem for the Mugabe family after Grace Mugabe’s alleged assault brawl with model Gabrielle Engels, because she was a “bad influence” on her children.

IOL reports that The Regent MCC manager (the apartment complex) has written to the Mugabe family informing them that the R780 000 is needed to repair damages to the luxurious apartment, caused by the pair.

Mugabe’s sons reportedly get $40 000 pocket money per month and are now staying in Coronation (that’s over R500 000). The report has left Zimbabweans questioning where the sons get the money from.

IOL‘s report on Grace Mugabe just causes more worry:

Reports in our sister paper The Star and separate checks by the Zimbabwe Independent — which has been investigating Grace’s property story and her sons’ escapades in Johannesburg — show that she has been renting a huge property owned by Angolan immigrants for R200 000 (more than US$15 000) a month. Investigations and reports show the rented six-bedroomed property is Number 27a Coronation Road, Sandhurst, Sandton’s most affluent suburb.”

One resident from the Regent penthouse said the boys were a nightmare to live with.

“The boys were usually up during the night partying with different ladies, drinking and smoking. There were almost daily complaints by other tenants about the noise coming from apartment 601, the smell of cigarettes and drugs that wafted regularly up and down the elevator shaft or off the spacious terrace that showcased Sandton’s beautiful, modern skyline.”


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