“State paid for cases of apartheid leaders but I have to pay for mine” – Zuma

Former President Jacob Zuma next to Mluleki Ndobe where he went to address supporters at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall. Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN

Former SA president Jacob Zuma argued that leaders in high up positions during apartheid cases when charged were funded by the state, but his aren’t.

Zuma says this is the reason why he has instructed his lawyers to go ahead and appeal the ruling by the High Court in Pretoria on his legal costs.

Zuma took to Twitter to announce his intention to appeal the ruling where the high court ruled that he should be responsible for his own legal fees and not the state.

Zuma says that while he respects the ruling by the court, sometimes evidence presented in a case needs to be looked at again.

He says it is not clear how he, as someone who fought for South Africa’s democracy, is being made to pay for his legal fees.

“Some of whom killed my comrades, they were charged and there were quite a number of them. The state paid for their cases, not just small amounts, very huge amounts, paid by this very democratic state.”

According to multiple reports, Zuma may have to repay between R15 million and R32 million for legal fees dating paid for by the state since 2005.


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