Stellenbosch University Choir ranked as ‘the best in the world’

Image Credits: YouTube / SUC

Stellenbosch University Choir have been crowned the best in the world by a panel of 80 international judges. Against a collective 999 competitors, the Stellies choir came out on top, reports Good Things Guy.

INTERKULTUR, who have otherwise been known as the ‘United Nations of choir singing’, are made up of musicians, politicians and leading names from the arts world.

The panel were stunned by the stunning musical performance by the Stellenbosch University Choir. Each groups are made up of around 80-100 members from many vocal aspects – of which, only a handful study music. The Stellies choir have already built quite the name for themselves, with their YouTube channel topping 2,000,000 views recently.

The choir have been performing for over 80 years at worldwide tours and appeared in huge festivals, since first being conducted by William Morris in 1936.

On top of grabbing the number one spot, the university was also the only country to have multiple groups enter. In the list of the top 30 choirs, there was a total of five groups.

INTERKULTUR’s top five choirs in the world

1. Stellenbosch University Choir – South Africa

2. Kamerniy Devichiy Kor by Lysenko – Ukraine

3. The Muller Chamber Choir – Chinese Taipei

4. Gnesins Ensemble of Contemporary Music – Russia

5. University of Louisville Cardinal Singers – USA

Notable South African entries and their conductors:

11. Akustika Chamber Singers – Christo Burger

12. Kearsney College Choir – Bernard Kruger

18. Stellenberg Girls Choir – Andre van der Merwe

25. University of Pretoria Camerata – Michael Barrett

Watch Stellenbosch University Choir’s performance:


[Source: Good Things Guy]

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