SuperSport says its looking into Ashwin Willemse live TV incident

SuperSport says it’s looking into the on-air incident where its analyst Ashwin Willemse walked off set following what appeared to be his dissatisfaction with his colleagues.

Willemse was analysing Saturday’s rugby game between Brumbies and the Lions at Ellis Park Stadium.

In a clip doing the rounds on social media, Willemse can be heard saying to his fellow presenters Nick Mallet and Naas Botha: “I will not be patronised by two individuals who played in an apartheid, segregated era.”

It’s still unclear what led to the incident, but the video has caused outrage on social media.

The former rugby player walked off set while cameras were rolling during the live show.

SuperSport responded to the incident on Saturday night in a tweet, saying it is looking into the matter.

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