‘The President’s Keepers’ becomes largest selling book in SA and will turn into 18 part TV-series

Image Credits: iol.co.za

Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw’s book ‘The President’s Keepers’ is officially the largest selling book in South African history and will now turn into an 18-part television series.

According to a report by dailymaverick, as many as 197 000 copies of the book have been sold, which makes it best-selling book in SA history. The book is said to have made around R50 million in revenue.

Following the book’s massive success, filmmaker Neil van Deventer will be turning The President’s Keepers’into an 18-part television series while a London-based publisher has purchased the international publishing rights.

Here are the biggest sellers in South Africa’s history: (thanks to 702.co.za)

  1. The President’s Keepers (Jacques Pauw): 197 000
  2. The Secret (Rhonda Byrne): 190 436
  3. Real Meal Revolution (Tim Noakes): 174 798
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey: 166 149
  5. Spud: 161 354 copies
  6. The Da Vinci Code: 133 949
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 107 131 copies


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