Trevor Manuel: The presidency of Jacob Zuma was a total disaster for SA

Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel. Image Credits: Martin Rhodes

Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has described the presidency of Jacob Zuma as a total disaster that left a legacy of bankruptcy.

Manuel made the views at the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Public Lecture at the University of the Western Cape on Wednesday night.

Trevor Manuel told the audience that South Africa had suffered under the leadership of Jacob Zuma, saying that it will take years for the nation to recover from Zuma’s presidency.

“I make no apologies, Archbishop, for my views that the presidency of Jacob Zuma was a total disaster for SA.”

Manuel went on to add that the forcing out of Thabo Mbeki as president marked the start of a period of low governance and that Zumas’s time as president has left the nation with the biggest challenge since democracy.

He concluded with a call to all citizens to fight corruption and report any kind of wrongdoing as soon as possible.

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