What can R1 trillion get South Africa rather than a nuclear deal?

South African President Jacob Zuma’s efforts to promote his unpopular nuclear project are weakening him politically but he still seems keen to pursue it.

It’s already become clear who is likely to benefit from South Africa pursuing the option to build nuclear power stations. The list includes the Gupta brothers and Zuma’s son Duduzane through their links to the Shiva uranium mine.

So, with the help of TheSouthAfrican.com, we’ve decided to list the things South Africa could buy for R1 trillion, instead of an expensive and highly controversial nuclear power station.

1. Each and every woman, man and child could be given R17,857.

With a population of just over 56 million, you could give what most would regard as a life changing amount.

2. You could pay every working-age South African the average salary of R17,000 a month, for 18 months.

3. You could build roughly 15,000 brand new state-of-the art schools.

Valued at R60,000,000, Government could build 15,000 completely modernised and up-to-date school facilities.

4. As calculated by OUTA, R1trn could buy everyone in South Africa two RDP homes.

5. OUTA also suggest you could build 4,065 Nkandla estates.

6. You could supply high-quality medical aid to every South African citizen for a year.

Each citizen would be given a 1 year cost-free subscription to the Discovery Health Essential Core package, which costs R1,500 a month.

7. At a cost of R75 million, you could build 13,000 hospitals across the country.

Thats about 1,440 new hospitals per province.

8. You could pay the average monthly utilities of R2,000 per month for every SA household over the next nine years.

According to Numbeo, electricity, internet, data costs and basic tv subscriptions could be covered for every house for the next decade.

9. With current fuel costs, the government could buy 75 billion litres of fuel and dish it out free to South Africans.

10. If they were feeling particularly generous, they could buy 33 billion pints of beer. That’s 825 beers per person of legal drinking age.

12. 166,000 Ferraris could be purchased for the same value of the nuclear deal.

That’s around one Ferrari per 337 South Africans.

[Source: TheSouthAfrican.com]


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