‘Zuma captures people by pretending to be a simple man’

Former minister of Intelligence Services and ANC veteran Ronnie Kasrils, has revealed yet another shocking exclusive in his recently published book.

The book A Simple Man – Kasrils and the Zuma Enigma addresses Kasrils’ numerously asked question: How did Jacob Zuma, the freedom fighter, a man of the people, transform into a corrupt and disreputable figure?

The book discusses a lot of issues, including how ‘Khwezi‘ described to Kasrils how Jacob Zuma raped her at his then home in Forest Town.

Kasrils in an interview with News24 describes how Zuma captures people by being a “simple man”.

Kasrils says that Zuma presents himself – and “always as since way back in exile” as being simple man. He says it is “part of Zuma’s persona”.

“He captures people that way,” Kasrils told News24.

“He was, when I first met him back in exile, very captivating and charming. People found him that way initially.”

“He’s not a working class hero, his morality is very flawed. There’s all the corruption issues,” Kasrils says.

Kasrils says it was an “unholy marriage” to get involved with Zuma and that he “totally betrayed” those who trusted him.

On the subject of the upcoming ANC elective conference, Kasrils says he expects there to be “lots of dirty campaigning” with “smears and infighting”.

Watch the full interview below.

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