Zuma will use the army to cling to power if he loses next week’s no confidence vote says Analyst

Political analyst and a Professor at North West University André Duvenhage  is 100% confident that Jacob Zuma will lose his vote of no confidence next week, and the country should prepare for his removal.

Zuma heads into next Tuesday’s ballot with his presidency edging on the brink, following ludicrous political decisions and involvement in the state capture saga with the Guptas.

“There is a huge tide against Zuma this time around. There are more and more senior ANC members coming out against him. The country is opposed to state capture and his links with the Guptas.”

“His removal would not cause the ANC to break up because he would have been removed by parliament, not the ANC.”

The professor believes that Julius Malema and his EFF party have had an irreversible influence on how Zuma is viewed by both the public and ANC members.

Speaking at the EFF’s fourth birthday celebrations in Durban this weekend, Malema claimed that he has canvassed 60 of the ruling party’s MPs to vote against JZ in the no confidence ballot.

Duvenhage says he believes with all the factors going against the president, he would launch a desperate bid to stay in power by drafting the army in. This is called the ‘Praetorian Scenario’, which would introduce elements of martial law to help him retain his presidency:
“The president may go with the “Praetorian Scenario” and use security forces to help him to remain in power.”

“We may be in for big trouble. When I read the body language of South African politics, the next six months will be crucial for the ruling party,”

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  1. I agree that he will try to stay in the seat of power otherwise he will be investigated for bribery ,corruption etc. He is afraid of being put in jail.

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