Zuma’s future in the hands of parliament’s subcommittee

There’s no secret that President Jacob Zuma is facing a hard time in his bid to hang on to his seat as President of South Africa, and there’s only one factor that could see him forced out of that seat. 

That is parliament’s subcommittee which sat on Wednesday to discuss the way forward with regards to his possible impeachment.

The Citizen reports that according to Professor Susan Booysen of Wits School of Governance, Zuma’s future largely depends on how the ANC in Luthuli House instructs its MPs to vote.

“I think it holds significant weight in the sense that they are engaging with that issue, and they are formulating rules,” Booysen said.

“We do not know how the ANC is going to come out there. But we do know that those committees take their lead from the top ANC structures. The weight that the committee carries will be leveraged by guidance … if not instructions from Luthuli House. And I think I see power shifting in the ANC.”

The ANC’s overwhelming majority in parliament gives it a significant influence over the outcome of any motion presented before the house.

“We all seem to think we know where it might be going but that committee might be treading water. If they are bolstered by Luthuli House, they have got incredible significance and weight. But if the ANC does not take their lead in removing President Zuma from power then their parliamentary committees are not going to follow,” she added.

According to subcommittee chairperson Richard Mdakane setting the rules of the processof removing a sitting president all lies with the national assembly and they had already “been in the process of amending the rules of the National Assembly”.

“The common thread in the subcommittee meeting was for the term ‘serious offence’ as prescribed by Section 89 of the Constitution to be defined in the new rules of the Assembly as it could mean different things to different people,” Parliament said in a statement.

“The subcommittee also spent some time debating the format that the body should take that recommends impeachment procedures.”

[Source: The Citizen]

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